2018 Audi rs 5 Coupe first drive

You notice the muted snarl when you nail the gas. Then you notice the soft rustle of wind around the A-pillars, the distant hum of the tires, and the concert hall clarity of the Bang & Olufsen audio system, even at triple-digit velocities.
Yes, the 2018 Audi RS 5 Coupe is all grown up—a smooth, quiet, comfortable, connected grand tourer, albeit one that packs a 331kw  (450-hp )punch and, if you tick the right options box, a top speed of 278 km/h.
All taut surfaces and sharp edges, the new RS 5 showcases the crisp design language being developed under the aegis of new Audi design chief Marc Lichte. Only the hood, roof, and trunk are shared with the regular A5/S5 coupes: The grille is shallower and wider, the fenders have been pumped 0.6 inch each side, and the new front and rear bumpers are adorned with the usual performance car perquisites such as vents, spoilers, splitters, and diffusers. All U.S. market RS 5s will come with black trim and 50cm forged alloy wheels shod with 275/30 tyres front and rear.
Although 7.3cm longer overall, the new RS 5 weighs 59.8kg less than the previous model, and 14.9kg of that weight saving is in the body alone, which makes extensive use of aluminum stampings, extrusions, and castings.

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