The 6 best apps for video calling

Thanks to the wonders of modern-day technology, you can have a video chat with anyone you like, from anywhere in the world, using only your phone. There are tons of apps on Android and iOS that will connect you with a contact of your choice'

FaceTime is a great choice for video calling friends and family - provided of course that all the people you want to talk to have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to hand. There's no FaceTime app for Android (or indeed for Windows).

Google Duo
Google Duo is pretty much Google's answer to FaceTime, though it's only been with us since 2016. During its short history, it's been focusing on providing a slick and stable experience rather than adding bucketloads of features that you don't really need.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook's decision to spin out Messenger into a separate app was a very smart one in retrospect, and Messenger is now one of the most capable communication apps out there -

Skype offers just about everything you could want from a video chat app, plus lots of extras - like the ability to call regular phone lines, if you're prepared to pay extra for the privilege.

Google Hangouts
Since the launch of Duo, Google seems to be mainly targeting business users with the older Hangouts app, but it remains a quality option for anyone really.

Snapchat though, as you might not have realised the disappearing photo app can be used to make video calls.
All Apps are free for Android and iOS

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