Adele's makeup artist spills secrets

There is no doubt Adele is a true queen when it comes to (among other things) eye makeup. Her signature winged eyeliner is almost as famous as her belted high notes. The man responsible for that look? Her makeup artist/wizard, Michael Ashton.
Ashton recently sat down with a US Magazine to spill some beauty tricks he uses on the singer, and his under-eye concealer trick is genius. In order to keep your under-eye concealer from creasing, Ashton suggests putting eyelid primer (yup, the stuff you usually use on your eyelids to make your eyeshadow stay) under your eyes before you apply concealer. That way, your concealer stays put all day long.
"Dusting powder on top of concealer can cause creasing," he told US Magazine. "Prepping concealer with a primer first does not."
Ashton's favorite eyeshadow primer, and the one he uses on Adele, is Marc Jacobs' Coconut Eye Primer

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