All in a day's work for Oupa Ngubeni

He has been a problem solver of the cars for sixteen years now and still doing a great job.Oupa Ngubeni who hails from Phuthaditjhaba in Qwaqwa dreams of nothing when he sleeps at night except getting under a car and fix it

The father of three told Dumelang News that fixing the engines, gearboxes and suspensions are in his blood."I was born to fix cars. I can hear its problem before I even open and check what is it's  problem," he said. He said working at workshops and fixing cars taught him lot of things in life. He mentioned that fixing cars is one of the fastest growing career because many people dream of buying cars.

"As many people are buying cars, I am always busy, I even forget to take lunch breaks because I am forever busy at work," he told The People's Paper. He said he likes his work to an extent that he could send his children to go and study mechanical engineering at the universities. "It is true that many people judge the work I am doing because I wear dirty and oily overalls the whole day.

Forgetting that during weekends and when I am at home, I am neat just like them," said Ngubeni with smile on his face. He added that everyone came to this world with different talent and therefore, it is very important to use them for a better living. "With my hands, I put bread on table, buy myself cars and send my children to schools," he said with pride. He advised people with talents but who are scared to use them because of fearing to be laughed at to think twice. "I dream of running a big firm that will employ many people with mechanical skills to fight against poverty at homes," he said.

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