Best Sleeping Position

The Soldier Position - In this position, the sleepers lie on their backs and their arms are down and close to the body. Approximately 8% of people sleep like this. people who sleep in this position may have quiet and reserved personalities. They may also have high standards both for themselves and others. This is not one of the best sleep positions for snoring and may prevent you from getting a restful night's sleep.

The Starfish Position- People who sleep in a starfish position sleep on their backs with their arms up over their head. People who sleep in this position do not like being the center of attention. They are also likely to be good listeners and helpful. As all those who sleep on their backs, people who sleep in the starfish position may be prone to snoring and sleep problems.

The Yearner Position - People who sleep in the yearner position sleep on their sides with their arms outstretched in front of the body. The position may be good for you if you snore, but bad if you suffer from arthritis. People who sleep in the yearner position are stubborn. They are open-minded, but also suspicious and cynical. They tend to stick to a decision once they've made up their minds.

The Fetal Position - Side sleepers who sleep with their legs bent and curled toward their torsos are sleeping in the so called fetal position. People who sleep in the fetal position have warm and friendly personalities. They may be more likely to be sensitive on the inside and have a tough, protective exterior. If sleeping this way hurts your hips, placing a pillow between your knees may help relieve the pressure.

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