Cici testifies against Arthur Mafokate

In June 2017, South Africa woke up to the shocking news of Arthur Mafokate's arrest after it was alleged that he had assaulted his then-girlfriend & artist - Cici. Cici alleged that Arthur dragged her on the street with his car during an argument.

  Leading up to the weeks after the assault, the singer shared the injuries she sustained from the assault which required her to undergo a pelvic replacement operation. The assault trial proceeded at the Midrand Magistrate Court on Wednesday 14 March. According to ENCA, in the trial, Cici gave a detailed description of what happened on that day. The singer and dancer informed the court that she had gone to Arthur's home in Midrand to collect her belongings and put an end to their relationship.

A fight ensued between the two as Arthur did not want her to leave the house as he was determined they work things out. Cici then claimed that her ex-boyfriend/boss then took her phone and got into the car, Cici then grabbed the driver's door handle which then lead to her injuries after Arthur drove for 300 meters before stopping.

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