Dare devil biker relishes a good challenge

Obstacles in life are generally a dreaded and inevitable encounter, but in cycling, obstacles are seen as an exciting challenge; one so adrenalin-pumping that a unique type of sport called Mountain Bike Obstacle Riding was developed to indulge its champions.
Dumelang News caught up with Pieter Hally, a Bloemfontein based mountain biker who enjoys this particular pass time.
According to this enthusiastic young lad, he has been doing it for over 16 years, however, he believes there is still a long way to go to make the sport a success in the Free State.
He explains that the sport included very challenging stunts like a drop off  a bridge or a gap jump, but whatever it is, it disrupts the flow and drags riders out of their comfort zone.
“If you ride the trail regularly and go too long without facing this obstacle, it can quickly develop into a fear complex and it’ll stop you in your tracks every time, and leave you pushing your bike in defeat. But with a lot of physical strength and a positive attitude, you can go far,” he said.
Hally’s journey into the sport has gone as far as being a participant in the SA’s Got Talent, one of the country’s television shows that uncovers special talents that the world needs to see.
He said his participation was very challenging with audience looking for more and that was when he knew that he had what it takes.
“You see, with support from government and the private sector, we can make a positive contribution to society and fight crime amongst young people,” said Hally.
He warned however that the equipment is expensive.
“The bicycle that I am currently using was imported for R60 000 but for a start, any bike can do but it’s going to be difficult because the real bikes do not have seats and the material used is very solid and can stand the jumps and the sudden turns and twists,” he  said.
Anyone interested in the sport or wants to partner with Hally, can call Dumelang News at 0514308458.

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