De Lille governing with an ANC mandate - Maimane

Mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille laying on her bed with her dogs following an eventful day after surviving a motion of no confidence.PHOTO Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has described the leadership of Cape Town Mayor as a leader with a mandate from the opposition party, the African National Congress in the council of the City. Speaking to the members of the media outside parliament yesterday on the sidelines of the election of the president, Maimane said “Now Patricia de Lille is governing with an ANC mandate and is a genuine concern of  the party and it must be investigated.” According to Maimane, 110 members of the DA within the Cape Town council voted De Lille out, but that she survived largely as a result of the support of the ANC and the other smaller opposition parties.

The party leader’s words were further echoed by the DA Western Cape leader Bonginkosi Madikizela. "This means she, in effect, is governing without a party mandate. This is a serious undermining of the DA and the values and the electoral mandate which we were given by the people of Cape Town," he said on Thursday.
DA leader Mmusi Maimane said the fact that De Lille survived the motion "does not mean that ultimately she holds the confidence of her own caucus. He also confirmed that the first citizen of Cape Town will face Federal Legal Commission.

"The Federal Legal Commission's charges against her still remain and will proceed on that basis because we believe ultimately that the case that is before her still has to continue, and that we must ultimately get to the accountability of the matter." De Lille survived the motion after 110 councillors voted "no", 109 voted "yes", and three chose to abstain. The DA's Shaun August, chief whip in the City, confirmed that 44 DA councillors voted against the motion. ANC chief whip in the City, Noluthando Makasi said the party had hoped for this outcome, meaning De Lille’s survival was all thanks to the African National Congress in the city council. "In essence, we wanted to make it clear that we want Patricia De Lille to stay on and answer and own the allegations against her. We are not protecting her, but we want her to stay on because the DA, as a party, was trying to get rid of her," Makasi said.

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