Dihlabeng Slalom Canoeist off to France

Eighteen-year-old learner Sandile Makubo from the Bethlehem Comprehensive School in Bohlokong has qualified for  theSlalom Canoe World Championships to be held in Pau City in France. The World Championships are to be held from 23 September to 1 October where he wil lbe competing amongst the best in the world.
Sandile, who has departed on 10 September to have two weeks of training prior to championships, was one of the hopefuls who reside near Liebenberg River where the Dihlabeng Slolom Club has set up its base. He has taken a keen interest in the sport and wants to become South African Canoe Champion before taking on the world.
Canoeing is a water sport where the canoes race in rough rivers where the water flows high and fast. There are also obstacles like rocks, heavy tree stems and racers have to go through the gates (polls) in order to complete the course.
Bethlehem was identified as an ideal area due to the fact that the rivers flow fast and heavily for the whole year of canoeing season. For this reason Dihlabeng Slalom Canoe Club was established  in 2006 by the Dihlabeng Municipality as a unique sports program and is overseas. The club trains around 100 youth between the ages of 11 and 18.
According to his trainer Lindelane Ngidi who is professional canoeist, former Olympian and South African with Springbok colours, he is delighted by the success of Sandile Makubo as it showcases that Dihlabeng can produce world class athletes.
His trip was sponsored by the International Canoe Federation and Dihlabeng Mall.

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