From the dusty streets of Xhariep to bookshelves across the nation

 Refilwe Masamane from Rouxville is a motivational speaker, poet and author and works at Premier’s Office as a coordinator for older person’s programmes.  PHOTO dumelangmedia

When he first started to put pen on paper, all he ever wanted was to tell a story of a young man who grew up in the town of Rouxville in the Xhariep District with less opportunities and stereotyped culture which deprived many young people from platforms. Today, through his life story, Refilwe Masamane who is a motivational speaker, poet and author and working at Premier’s Office as a coordinator for older person’s programmes, is one young person who is making a mark as a story teller of note.

He owes it all to growing up in Rouxville where he came across many challenges like any other but was determined not to let his circumstances define who he was. He has written at least three books. “I was born in the dusty streets of Rouxville, and I sure was a go-getter, dynamic and a self-motivated individual, a community builder and always willing to help those in need.

With my book titled ‘From the Dusty Streets’, I have the drive to pursue my dreams beyond horizons. I give tips and encouragement to people who wish to change their lives and also help them respond to challenges of life.

It all starts with admittance to mistakes we made and how we overcome criticism and discouragement,” he explained. He said his book’s subject is pure motivation, personal development and igniting a sense of high self-esteem which he targets young people.

Speaking on reading a book verses the internet, he said that not everyone has access to the internet and therefore he has experienced that reading a book has more impact than the internet since the reader feels in more contact with the author. “Reading a book also provides a platform to finish the book at your own pace, better understand the content while internet prohibits such since its costly and requires resources,” he said.

 In terms of sales, he said he has employed four young people who have ensured that in its launch all books were sold out and reprints were also sold out recently.
Refilwe is a self-publisher who is still building his brand and the book is available through direct sales.

His writing comes a long way from 2008. He has participated at the Grahamstown Arts Festival and Programme directed the first Macufe Wordfest. He said opened doors for many of them as budding authors.
His favourite author is Dr KPD Maphalla whose books, he said, he just enjoys reading as they give the realities of life.

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