Foods you should eat when you have diarrhoea

Bananas  - are also rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that helps to absorb liquid in the intestines and thus move stool along smoothly. This can help both in slowing down diarrhea and reducing constipation. Eat a banana or two to help restore balance to your digestive system.

White Rice -  Plain white rice is easily digested and is high in carbohydrates. Rice is also binding, which means that it can help to firm up your loose stool. While you are having diarrhea, eat your rice plain or cooked in chicken broth. Avoid spicy, fatty, oily, or dairy-based sauces as those aren't recommended when you have diarrhea.

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White Bread - White bread has very little fiber, so it's easy to digest. As you don't want to have too much fat or sugar when you have diarrhea, go easy on the butter, margarine, honey, jam, or syrup. Also, avoid sugar-free products that use sugar alcohols.

Potatoes - Potatoes are a good comfort food option and are also high in potassium. While the skins have lots of nutrition, you should avoid them when you have diarrhea, so peeled potatoes are best. Steam, microwave, or boil your potatoes. A little salt for flavor is fine, but avoid too much butter. A large amount of fat and oil could irritate your sensitive system and contribute to increased intestinal cramping

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