Golf’s number 1 withdraws from Masters

World number one Dustin Johnson pulled out of the US Masters on Thursday after sustaining a back injury in a freak fall on stairs, leaving the year's first major without the red hot favourite. The American, heavily fancied to win the title after victories in his last three tournaments, slipped on stairs in his rental house on Wednesday sparking immediate speculation he would not be able to play. The guessing game continued right up until the moment Johnson appeared on the first tee with the other members of his group, Bubba Watson and Jimmy Walker, and then walked away without taking a shot. "I just don't feel like there is any chance of me competing," Johnson told a crowd of reporters outside the clubhouse. "It hurts. I was doing everything I could to try to compete. I was up all night trying to get ready for today.
“I can't make my normal swing and I just don't feel like there is any chance I can compete.

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