Hard working teachers and learners awarded

BLOEMFONTEIN - Spirits were high at the Central University of Technology when the top 100 primary schools learners and teachers were honoured for the sterling performance in the International Maths Competition. The competition was spearheaded by the provincial Department of Education and Bahceselhir University of Turkey to promote mathematics and reward learners and teachers' hard work.

At the event it was the MEC for Education Tate Makgoe and Professor Senay Yalcin from the Bahcesehir University of Turkey who handed the awards to learners and teachers.
The partnership between the department and the university exposes learners to the international maths standards and opens doors of opportunities for learners. "We went to Turkey as the executive council team and identified among other things, the excellence in their education and we sent some of our students to attend their university," said MEC Makgoe.

MEC Makgoe took time to encourage learners to love and enjoy mathematics. About 41 000 learners from grade 4 to 7 performing above 50% participated in the competition. One thousand went through the finals and the top 100 received awards at the event. The competition evoked learners' interest, passion and excellence.

Professor Senay Yalcin from the Bahceselhir University of Turkey said the close relationship between the university and the department is starting to yield positive results. Yalcin expressed excitement over the work and good results brought by learners in the province."I am amazed at the performances shown by the kids," said Prof Yalcin.

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