He's mad over rabbits

Mohlaudi Mphuthi is dreaming to be a rabbits farmer. PHOTO dumelnangmedia

A 35-year-old Mohlaudi Mphuthi from Bohlokong village in Bethlehem is willing to own a rabbits farm. He told Dumelang News that his dream is to produce rabbit meat which
is preferred mostly by the foreign citizens."I felt in love with rabbits after attending the Pietermaritzburg royal show in 2013," said Mohlaudi. He said he's currently owning 11 rabbits

"I keep them in the garage for their safety from being stolen," Mohlaudi said. He also mentioned that he's interested in farming with the Californian and Newzealand white types. 

"I want to reach a total of 300 rabbits by December next year," he added. He said although rabbits give him a tough challenge, but he will never runaway from what he likes. "I am also aware that most of the people are not interested in rabbit farming.

And that gives me a challenge because I struggle to find help whenever I experience difficulty, " he said. He concludes that through rabbit farming, he also sells their droppings as they are used for farming manure.

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