Mangaung raise the bar on employee wellness

BLOEMFONTEIN - Over the years, employee wellness, chronic diseases and related lifestyle risk factors have been the key drivers health care costs for employers with over 80 percent of full-time workers being either overweight or having at least one chronic illness, and those who fall into both categories miss many days of work each year, resulting in over billions of rands in productivity lost annually.
Therefore, in a bid to address this challenge, the office of the Executive Mayor of Mangaung Metro Municipality, Olly Mlamleli embarked on a fitness and wellness programme last Saturday, an event that saw over a hundred employees, mostly women, sweating it out at the outdoor aerobics held at Hoffman Square.
According to the mayor, the event was part of an extensive engagement with stakeholders in the private sector to come on board and invest in the wellness programme. “We embarked on this programme simply to say to our employees that prevention is better than cure in anything that you do in life. So, we believe that by so doing, we will be creating a healthy workforce that will, in the end, be productive at work,” said Mlamleli. She said that in this day and age they would not like to be seen as an institution that is trying to overwork and get the most out of its employees without investing back to them.
“We don’t want our employees to just focus on fitness and nutrition. We want them to think about the big picture, how they live and thrive in their lives, day to day, and help others to do the same,” added Mlamleli. More studies have shown that taking extra care of one’s physical and emotional health, can build internal resilience against stress, therefore it is advisable to exercise or participate in regular activities that refresh the body and improve blood circulation.

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