MEC beefs up security following robbery

The Free State Provincial Treasury has issued a statement where it appeals to all Free State citizens to stay calm and afford state law enforcement agencies to do their work. This comes after a robbery at the MEC of Treasury, Elzabe Rockman’s house last weekend. Rockman has confirmed that she and her family are fine following the robbery at her Bloemfontein home over the weekend.

 During an interview with OFM News, Rockman revealed that she has sought the services of a private security company following the incident. While executive members of departments are supposed to have security organised for them by the Department of Public Works, she has made arrangements of her own.She also confirmed that her two sons and a friend of theirs all received a single session of counselling and were taught to identify signs which may point to any post-traumatic stress they may have as a result of the incident they suffered.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear at this point on how the nine men were able to enter Rockman’s home in Dan Pienaar without breaking in or forcing entry into the home.
According to earlier reports, Rockman confirmed that the men stole two small safes containing jewellery as well as a laptop. It remains unclear whose laptop it was that was stolen, and whether it contained any valuable information. Other burning questions include how the men escaped, how many of them were armed and the kinds of weapons they had in their possession as well as whether they fled on foot or by car.

Police spokesperson, Thandi Mbambo, said the police are working around the clock to answer questions such as how the men gained entry, how many were armed and how they fled the scene. “These questions form part of the police investigations and at this point, ” Mbambo said.She also further confirmed that a manhunt by the police was ongoing in the hope of an arrest.

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