C300 Coupe

Athletic and sporty, the vivid, sensuous design of the new Coupe cuts a fine figure on the road and embodies modern luxury. At the same time, its interior elevates beauty and style to a sporty level. A dynamically configured chassis, with optional air suspension, forms the basis for a high level of suspension comfort, low road roar and tyre vibration, agile handling, and driving pleasure. Lightweight construction to reduce weight, excellent aerodynamics and high-performance, efficient engines likewise play their part. A host of assistance systems provides safety of the very highest calibre. With its high-class appeal and generous interior, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe sets new standards in its segment.

It won’t surprise many people that Mercedes-Benz’s exterior design director, a Slovenian named Robert Lesnik, signed off on both the new C-Class Coupe and the exquisite S-Class Coupe projects, because the (newer) former incorporates several of the latter’s design cues, which is especially evident in its voluptuous rear three-quarter view and the elegant silhouette of the side profile It's difficult to argue against the C-Class Coupe in terms of the bold expression of style and fine taste that it makes on behalf of its custodian/owner. Mercedes-Benz has yet to introduce a 6-cylinder version that will close up the reasonably cavernous divide between the highest of the 4-cylinder models (the C300) and the flagship C63/C63 S AMG derivatives in the product line-up. As a result, the C300 (as tested here) is an excellent showcase of the C-Class Coupe's finest traits: tantalising design, exquisite detailing, superb occupant comfort and a good performance-ride-handling balance.

And yet, we'd be remiss if we failed to note that the C300's unspectacular powerplant/transmission combination and less-than-lively responses when required to transform from a comfortable cruiser to an engaging sportscar, if only for brief periods at a time, renders this particular derivative more of an executive's luxurious and (reasonably) comfortable mode of personal transport and less of a driver's car. Fortunately for Mercedes-Benz, however, the C300's potential buyers will favour the former over the latter by some margin. It's not a perfect all-rounder, but very few cars are... Viewed in isolation, the Lexus RC 200t EX seems a well-appointed left-field choice, the BMW 4 Series is sportier, but with less sense of occasion and given the Audi A4's set of talents (and superb build quality and refinement), the upcoming A5 will be well worth looking out for. In the meantime, however, the C-Class Coupe makes the biggest, most emphatic statement; if it's sheer dynamism you are after, look at the Four, for everything else, get the Benz.

C300 Coupe price and after-sales back-up
The standard car costs R664 518, including a 2-year warranty and 6-year/100 000 km maintenance plan.

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