“My life is hell”

A Bloemfontein man is one of many who find themselves in a situation where they feel that their lives are not worth living due to circumstances that are beyond their control.
Johannes Sebotsa (57), who is wheelchair bound after suffering a stroke, is staying alone in Freedom Square in a tight two-roomed house that is so confining to a point that he can’t even get his mobile outside to get some fresh air, unless someone passing by assists him.
To make matters worse, Sebotsa is using a bucket to help himself next to his bed in the tiny room where he sleeps, as for cooking and eating, he relies from good Samaritans who assist him in preparing his delicacies in the environment that is posing hygienic hazards.
He pleaded with Dumelang News to get his story out there with the hope that he can be assisted with the building of a ramp that will make him go in and out of the house with ease.
“I can’t even go my outside toilet to relieve myself, I have to use portable buckets which I sometimes can’t get out and clean because of my condition. I plead that I should be assisted with ablution facilities next to my bedroom to make things easy,” said Sebotsa.
He says his life is a living hell and this gives him sleepless nights to a point that he depends on staying intoxicated just to keep his worries away.
“I depend much on getting my mind off things by staying intoxicated because my worries are endless and this results to my misusing my social grant which government gives me to make ends meet,” he added.
One of the neighbours said Sebotsa’s situation deed urgent attention as it poses health risk. “We try by all means to assist him where we can but most of us are at work during the day and it makes it difficult for him to keep up with an acceptable lifestyle for a human being,” said the neighbour.
Anyone who is in a position to assist Sebotsa can call Dumelang News on 0514308458.

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