'The People vs Patriarchy'

The documentary about patriarchy and its hold on South Africans. The sequel to The People vs the Rainbow Nation, The People vs Patriarchy is a conversation that is sub-divided to try and get the viewer engaging on this social pandemic.Directed by Lebogang Rasethaba, who was also responsible for the first documentary, the film is shot on location in Johannesburg and Cape Town, engaging people of different backgrounds on what they think patriarchy is, how it can be addressed, the call out culture, the #menaretrash phenomenon and attempting to chart some sort of way forward.

The discussants are in set ups of focus groups, with the exception of some one-on-one interviews that are done with specific people, among whom are a rape survivor, a reformed abuser, a woman basher and members of academia to provide the academic arc of the film. One of the participants, the woman basher, makes the case for giving women a “spanking” in order to toe the line. And if that doesn’t move you, then an elderly, motherly woman appears in the film making the case for why women should stay in abusive relationships, because it’s God’s will. She speaks with such conviction and genuineness it is impossible to feel any other emotion but sadness.

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