Powerboat Festival around the corner

PARYS - Preparations are well underway to host the Phakisa Powerboat Festival which will be hosted by the Ngwathe Local Municipality and  the Free State Tourism Authority (FSTA) during the last weekend of the month of October. Speaking to the executive mayor of Ngwathe, Cllr Joey Mochela, during a telephonic interview yesterday, the mayor indicated that the municipal official together with the FSTA will meet with the aspiring power boat pilots who will be taking part in this year’s festival.
“I was on the phone with one of our officials briefing me on what happened today and I want told about the new recruits - power boat pilots - and so far I am happy. Ngwathe will put together yet another huge water festival. Who needs to go to the beach when we have this festival?” asked Mochela. According to the executive mayor, the powerboat festival contributes enormously towards the development of the municipality and the economy. “This festival has the power to bring about social cohesion and we have seen in the past, people from different backgrounds coming together and enjoying life,” said Mochela.
The festival continues to develop more young people around the area to ensure that they too become part of the water sporting events in their area as they live in close proximity to the Vaal River.

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