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The recent outbreak of Listeriosis has caused both consumers and retailers to fall into panic, acting quickly to get rid of all foods that may contain the deadly bacterium that has already claimed the lives of 180 people. However, the recall of all ready-to-eat food products announced on Sunday has forced communities to change the lunch menu of their children and this is what they had to say:

Maletsatsi Sello - I have always had either viennas or russians in my lunchbox… the same as my 5-years-old boy. This week has been very difficult to wake up in the morning not knowing what to prepare for both of us as we try to avoid eating any of those products we are told are carriers of the listeriosis disease. On Tuesday, I gave my child cheese and buttered bread but he came back after school saying he doesn’t like it and that I should change it but my problem now is that I don’t know what else to give him.

Komane Kata - I was shocked to say the least because it is just after month-end and I had just bought food for the whole month… that includes polony, russians and viennas for my grandchildren. Now they have nothing to eat at school because I can’t give them those. I am now going to the shops to see what I can get for their lunchboxes but try to return those for money first. My challenge now is that I have lost the slip when I bought the food last week and I don’t know if they will refund me.

Motshidisi Watkins - I just think this whole polony saga is crazy. First, my kid is used to cold meat in her lunchbox not because it was the only this I could give her but because it was simple and fast to prepare in the morning. More so, you know how red-meat is expensive and takes time to prepare and those are things I don’t have time and money for. I am still in a process of finding replacements for her lunchbox without cold meat but whatever it is, should be something I can afford and she can enjoy too.

Stephen Mokone - My wife told me that my daughter’s lunchbox came back with what she had given her for lunch uneaten so I take it she didn’t like what was prepared for her. The unfortunate part for me is that – like every man – I don’t keep slips after buying things at the shop and that means the money I used to buy those russians and polonies is money down the drain.
Something has to be done and fast because this is killing us.

Lebohang Pheello - As you can see, I am going to work and I don’t have my lunchbox with me. This is something I am not use to but since Monday I have been trying to adapt by buying food on the street like fatcakes with potato chips.  The scary part for me is that even my kids now have to take money to school and they are not using it on proper food. I am going to run out of money soon and I don’t have a backup plan.

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