Senwes advises small farmers to work together for success

“Black and white farmers must unite and work hands-on in order to be assisted by the government.”
These were the words spoken by the coordinator of the Frederick Ebert Stiftung Farming Organisation, Nombulelo Runji, during the farmers’ meeting last Wednesday at Nampo park, in Bothaville.
Runji said people working in the farming sector must have a good relationship with their peers as they are pillars of the economic backbone of South Africa.
She warned farmers to stop racism and said working together as this would give them more leverage to conquer their challenges easily.
"There'll be no need for one to attend massive problems on their own if we all pool together our knowledge to help one another," said Nombulelo.
She explained the importance for farmers to know each other and share their challenges together.
"There are a lot of climate factors badly influencing farming including the water crisis and not knowing how to control pests. But that can all be a minor problem if they decide to forge working relationships, " concluded Nombulelo.
The Senwes co-operative manager, Francois Strydom, said farmers must believe in themselves. "They need to be proud of what they do because they are doing a great work," said Strydom. He said that the government would only help them if they work as teams. A farmer, Hendrick van Rensburg (38), said he learned a lot of important things in this meeting. He thanked the organisers for it.

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