Soccer team appeals to public for kits

Young talented soccer players need a boost to unearth their talent. The Fresh Men development team  based at Phase 10 Township in Mangaung is therefore appealing to any good Samaritan out there to donate much needed soccer kits and bibs.According to their coach, Kgotso Thebane, they started the programme this year in January. “We have about 40 under14 young soccer players, and so far we have played three local tournaments .

We are in process of registering the team formally. The aim of this initiative is discover and develop soccer talents and also to keep our children away from substance abuse and gangsters that is threatening our society,” said Thebane.He said their performance so far is good and promising, and that they foresee a bright future but to reach their mission as a team, they need assistance to uncover the talents of these young and zealous children.

“It is hard to start a child from zero to where we are now because it needs hard work and  dedication. But in this short period of time that we’ve started the team, the team is very serious in terms of delivering results. We therefore ask their parents to support their children and motivate them to play soccer,” said Thebane.He also urged parents to allow their children to come  to practising sessions because practise sessions prepare children to be fit for soccer competitions.

He argues that soccer plays a vital role in refreshing the mind of the children in order to perform well at school as well as in the soccer field. He said that so far,  they are very happy with their responds and performance.“Our main challenge at the moment is that we don’t have soccer kits and bibs.  We therefore appeal to that good Samaritan out there to sponsor us,” he added.He said their next mission is to host their own tournament to generate money but they can’t because they need sponsorship.

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