Sorry, no polony!

The recall of polony and other processed cold meats due to Listeriosis is not only going to have a major effect on retailers but also for ordinary families like that of Teboho Molefe, a young lad from Mangaung whose family usually depends on cold meats like polony to prepare his lunch box. Now, Molefe has to opt for an alternative and possibly healthy menu. PHOTO supplied

Pick ‘n Pay group executive for strategy and corporate affairs, David North, confirmed in a telephone interview with Dumelang News on Tuesday that their stores have withdrawn all food items associated with the Listeriosis outbreak.

This followed Sunday’s announcement by Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, where he said there was a source of the Listeria outbreak in some parts of the country which included the RCL Wolwehoek near Sasolburg that supplies their stores in the Free State with ready-to-eat products, such as polony and russian sausages.

North said the store removed all ready-to-eat polony and russian sausages manufactured at the Rainbow facility in Sasolburg from its Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer stores.
John Vermeulen, a registered Debt Counsellor based in Bloemfontein, told Dumelang News that the recall of polony and other processed meats due to Listeriosis is going to have a major effect on deeply indebted consumers.

“The poor depend on a cheap source of protein and products such as polony, russians and other processed meats are by far the cheapest form of protein available on the market,” he said. In a written response to Dumelang News, Rainbow Chicken Head Office said they supply cooked food and therefore cooking kills Listeriosis.

“The government health warning concerns ‘ready-to-eat’ processed meat products, such as polony, viennas, sausages and other cold meats,” said the company.
It further denied that its Sasolburg facility was implicated in the outbreak. “The Department of Health has not yet concluded its investigation of the RCL Foods polony production facility in Wolvehoek. The test results of environmental samples are still outstanding. Continues on page 5

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