Steynsrus residents get much needed sites

“… We have prioritised the issue of land…”

Moqhaka Local Municipality under the leadership of Executive Mayor, Councillor Tshidi Koloi allocates 605 residential sites to the residents of Matlwangtlwang in Steynsrus on Monday. According to Municipal Spokesperson, Dika Kheswa, the last time when sites where allocated in the area was back in 1996.During the handover of the sites, the Executive Mayor said it was a milestone achieved during her term of office as has been a thorny issue to both the leadership of the municipality and the residents who have been struggling for more than 20 years without residential sites.

Some of the recipients of this residential sites, said that they are now happy that their human dignity is now been restored. “We have prioritised the issue of land across Moqhaka where more 500 sites and 241 title deeds have also been allocated in Rammulotsi and the next stop will be Maokeng and Kroonstad. The following areas are green field’s that needs bulk infrastructure, so as to speed up the backlog of sites allocation in Moqhaka,” she said.

Koloi told Dumelang News, they have earmarked 6574 sites for Kroonstad, 5285 for Viljoenskroon and 1436 for Steynsrus; however business plans are at the advanced stage, with the national department of water and sanitation, provincial department of Cogta, to assist in resolving the problem.  

“There is currently about 19 000 applicants for residential sites compared to number of sites available. We therefore agree, that indeed the struggle of our people around the issue of land is genuine, and needs urgent attention like never before. The land audit that seeks to determine how much land, properties and for what purpose does the municipality have, is currently in progress and will later be followed by the land summit, where ordinary residents, business community, professional, NGO’s will have to input on the outcomes of the Audit.

We are determined to champion the interests of our masses and intensify their voices in the government of their own,” she said. Last month, Dumelang News reported on a story where protestors accused the leadership of Moqhaka Municipality, particularly the Executive Mayor of neglecting their grievance which included amongst other the allocation of sites.

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