Street committees to tackle crime

The launch of street committees at Mangaung’s ward 2 last weekend, which includes twenty streets in Batho location and thirty-five in Bochabela, has been described as a move that will ensure that oxygen will be closed for criminals.
Ward Councilor, Oscar Michaels, told Dumelang News that the launch of the street committees came after the successful and effective establishment of ward committees whose main objective is to deepen and widening of democracy within neighbourhoods.
He said they have elected forty-eight members of the latest committee whose main objective include amongst other to mitigate in local criminal activities. “They will also be dealing with neighbourhood watch as well as coordination of information in terms of household profiles, skills audit and other relevant details that will give us as leaders an opportunity to identify proper interventions where possible,” said Michaels. He added that they have ensured that both men and women were represented in these committees because at times there will be matters that will need advice from women which men won’t understand.
Amongst stakeholders that made presentations at the launch was Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Lechesa Tsenoli, Tshepang Melesi from the NYDA as well as the branch executive committee of the ANC.
Earlier this year, Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula, when he delivered the 2017/18 Budget Vote, he said crime can never be reformed but it should be fought against and be defeated. “We need to close the oxygen for criminals. Their breath should be limited. Their conception of life should be reduced to the ordinary. Their contemplation of reality should be reduced to nothing. This is our war cry against criminals and criminality in the Republic of South Africa,” said Mbalula.

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