Things you didn’t know about breasts

Sleeping on your front can cause the shape of your breasts to change over time - The best sleeping position for retaining the shape of breasts is lying on your side. 7. 2-6% of women and 1-3% of men have an extra nipple .But contrary to popular opinion, extra nipples can only appear along the milk line which runs vertically down the torso – they never appear in the centre of the chest. Smoking and exercise can cause breasts to sag- Both activities cause damage to the ligaments and elastin that keep breasts firm and high. Your breast is made up of different things: Your breasts have fibrous connective tissue to help hold everything together. There are lots functioning tissue, which includes the milk ducts and the lobules. Everything else is basically fat. About Breast Milk Storage- Some breasts look big on the outside but have small storage capacities on the inside. Others look small but can store a lot of milk, so it’s all about the amount of storage capacity inside the breast.

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