The Treasure Chest Road Show continues to inspire with its visit to Bloemfontein

Meet the entrepreneurs and their labels in the Treasure Chest Collective:

A Joint Action Group from the Western Cape, consisting of 13 Black Owned Brands and 1 BEE Company in the Wine Industry take their unique quality wines to the people of Bloemfontein.

[07 March 2017] Following the resounding success of the launch of the Treasure Chest Wines in both KwaZulu-Natal, 30th November 2016 and more recently Gauteng, Treasure Chest, a Proudly South African endorsed wine showcase will introduce sommeliers, retailers, wine buyers, the hospitality industry and the wine-loving public of Bloemfontein to the crème of South Africa’s most exciting black owned wine brands. Showcasing a collection of some of the finest wines that South Africa has to offer, not only does Treasure Chest aim to give the trade and public an opportunity to engage with and experience their world-class varietals, but on a higher level, seeks to spearhead transformation within the wine industry, addressing the importance of supporting local, black-owned wine brands.

This group of self-made winepreneurs, collectively possess over 125 years’ experience, 12 of whom are powerful and visionary women on the rise. Pathfinders to transformation in this 360-year-old wine agricultural sector, where less than 2% of the industry is black-owned, the Treasure Chest collective is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Their perseverance, determination and strong desire to work collectively to penetrate the untransformed wine industry and be more active in the retail mainstream of the South African economy is a prime example, for entrepreneurs who are struggling to enter other industries in South Africa. Treasure Chest Wines are world-class by any means, having been the first South African Wine on American Airways, on the shelves of leading retailers, winners of numerous international awards and now exporting collectively to over 25 countries, the future looks bright for the pioneering wine brands.


Aimed primarily at trade, wine buyers, sommeliers, retail, hospitality and tourism industries, the wine-loving public and all wine enthusiasts are also invited to attend this historic exclusive event in Bloemfontein at the President Hotel Naval Hill on Thursday the 30th of March 2017. According to the principal, Malcolm Green, owner of La RicMal wines: “The Treasure Chest Roadshow is the first event in South Africa that will address growth, transformation and asset ownership to black owned brands in the wine industry of South Africa. This initiative is long overdue and needs urgent partnership from all spheres of the South African economy.

Wine brand owners will contribute significantly to the agricultural industry's growth, economic development and job creation, introducing and creating a new wine experience for the untapped market.”

The “Treasure Chest Wine brand” enables trade opportunities for stockists of fine wines to house and retail the exciting range. Mr Green also said, “The response to date has been an over-whelmingly positive testament to the fact that our wines can compete most favourably with some of the established big names in the industry. We are extremely positive and excited about introducing our wines to Bloemfontein.”


Aptly called “Treasure Chest”, the brand speaks to the inherent value of the unique array of flavours, aromas and blends, including over a hundred varietals that are some of South Africa’s best-kept secrets. Each wine carries a unique South African essence and story, personal to its creator, developer and owner. Treasure Chest wines includes award winning and internationally sought after varietals and vintages from more than 11 different wine regions in the Western Cape, each with its unique nose and taste characteristics. The brand collectively encapsulates a perfect bouquet of South African wines specially hand-crafted by the best wine makers in South Africa.


Given that South Africa's wines are loved by local consumers and international buyers alike, the Treasure Chest is guaranteed to be a breath of fresh air in the industry. With such an established market, however, it can be difficult for new players to enter. For many, wine is still seen as a luxury product, and customers tend to stick to the brands they are already familiar with. Despite this, wine culture is continually growing in the country. Events like the successful Gugulethu and Soweto Wine Festivals are testament to the appeal of wine culture across the social spectrum. Also, with over 80% of the local wine-drinking market still untapped, it is certainly one with massive potential and significant room for The Treasure Chest brands to make themselves known.


As Malcolm Green proudly says: “The Treasure Chest possesses the best group of South African Winepreneurs. African Roots, Bayede, Bridge of Hope, Cape Dreams, La RicMal, Lathitha Wines, L.C. Kenned, Libby’s Pride, M’Hudi, Ses’fikile, The Township Winery, Thembi, Thokozani Wines, Women In Wine, as a collective, will break new ground in the country. All united under a common purpose, the Treasure Chest will provide a platform for their wines to compete with other brands on shelves and menus across South Africa. The aim is to build on the amazing wine-making heritage in the country and introduce customers to a new generation of South African wines.”

Treasure Chest has already received support at the highest level from key industry players which include: The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), National Marketing Agriculture Council (NAMC), Eustace Mashimbye: CEO Proudly South African, Costa Pierdes: SA Chamber of Commerce, Mcendisi Madela: The President of SALTA, Mr. Mishack Hlophe, Mr Miguel Chan and The DTI.

For consumers and connoisseurs passionate about supporting local products, The TREASURE CHEST, now bears the PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN logo.


Offering the very best in terms of quality, price and service, the Treasure Chest Roadshow will give Bloemfontein wine lovers and trade the opportunity to taste and enjoy these world-class varietals, whilst interacting directly with the vintners themselves. “We are confident that your visit to the event will arouse your excitement and afford you this unique opportunity to engage with wine brand owners and experience the best wines the country has to offer.”

The Bloemfontein Treasure Chest Wine Show is scheduled for Monday, 30th March 2017 at The President Hotel, Naval Hill. The exhibition opens from 3pm to 8pm, entry is free of charge and is open to both the trade and public.

For more information on the exhibition and for trade only, enquiries to attend the exclusive pre-exhibition conference on the 30 March 2017 can be made to Ulsana on: 031 206 4001 or visit

Meet the entrepreneurs of the Treasure Chest Collective

African Roots, Bayede!, The Bridge of Hope, Cape Dreams, La Ricmal, Lathitha Wines, Libby's Pride Wines, LC Kenned, Mhudi Wines, Ses'ifikile Wines, Thembi Wines, Thokozani at Diermersfontein, The Township Winery and Women in Wine.



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