Trump triumph shocks world

NEW YORK - President Jacob Zuma has sent a message of congratulations to United States of America’s President-elect, Republican Donald Tump, for his shock victory over Democrat candidate, Hilary Clinton in Tuesday elections. According to the Department of International Relations, Zuma send the message on Wednesday morning after the announcements of results.  “On behalf of the government and the people of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma congratulated President-elect Donald Trump for winning the presidential elections that were held in the United States on 08 November 2016,” it said in a statement.

In the message, Zuma expressed the fact that he was looking forward to working with Trump to maintain the stronger relations that currently exists between SA and the US. “South Africa further looked forward to working closely with the new administration in the United States in promoting peace, security and prosperity around the world, especially on the African continent,” Zuma said in his message. Donald Trump has, in the past, not made his opinions about SA secret describing it as a “crime-ridden mess”. In a Twitter post soon after the death of the first democratic President of SA, Trump described SA as “crime-ridden mess”.

“I really like Nelson Mandela but South Africa is a crime ridden mess that is just waiting to explode – not a good situation for the people!” In another Twitter message last year after the outbreak of the xenophobic violence, Trump reiterated his views when he said; “As I have long been saying, South Africa is a total – and very dangerous – mess. Just watch the evening news (when not talking weather).” Meanwhile, as anti-Trump demonstrations rocked several parts as of America, South Africans have taken to Twitter to express their feelings about the Republican candidate’s shock victory over Clinton. Demonstrators marched in cities across the United States on Wednesday to protest against Republican Donald Trump's surprise presidential election win, blasting his controversial campaign rhetoric about immigrants, Muslims and other groups.
In her concession speech, Democrat candidate, Clinton, pledged to work with Trump on behalf of the country.

"Last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country," Clinton said in New York before noon on Wednesday, joined by her husband, former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea. "I hope he will be a successful president for all Americans."  "I hope he will be a successful president for all Americans. This is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for, but I believe in Americans," she said. "We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead."

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