Unity as artists, is what keeps them together

All they want from their music is to see artists unite and speak in one voice. Benjamin Mokgethi, Lebogang Kneels and Mpho Duiker are three likeminded artists who put their skills together as songwriters, producers and authors to ensure that they put the Free State on the map.  “We just released our new collaboration on February 12 with Millton Page and C-Lab titled ‘Afraid of love’.  With our music, we want to inspire other artists across the province to support each other and to assist each other in ensuring that we lift one another to greater heights,” said Nayshen SA. He said spreading a message of unity across to all artists in the province will be able to prosper.

 The group believe that in order to make it in the industry, it is essential that they work hand in hand. “Many artists in the province do not end up succeeding in their art because we work separately but once we put all skill together, we are likely to see giving our counterparts from other provinces, a run for their money,” said Nayshen SA.
Asked if music is the way to go, he was quick to say that it is important that as artists they should be passionate about what they do and by so doing there is a likelihood that they will make a success of their crafts

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