Welkom pastor walks to Union Building

Pastor Andrew September is seen before he handed over a memorandum to the office of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Union Building in which he asked the ANC to stop discriminating against him and other Afrikaans speaking people. He also asked that they should change their attitude against Afrikaans. PHOTO supplied

All that the “man of God” wants is that government and the ANC change their negative attitude towards Afrikaans and Afrikaans-speaking people and this has got to appoint that he travelled all the way from Welkom to Pretoria last week to hand over memorandum to the office of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, asking that he put a stop to the discrimination against the Afrikaans language.

Sixty-five 65 year-old Pastor Andrew September told Dumelang News in a telephonic interview that government should respect all official languages. “We have eleven official languages and we need to respect all of them. But, if the ANC does not want me to speak Afrikaans, then it is just as if they are killing me and all the people who speak Afrikaans,” said September. He said he spoke in Afrikaans when he handed his memorandum over and he was addressed in Afrikaans by staff at the Union Buildings. “How can I not be allowed to express myself in my own language, in the language that I am comfortable with?” he asked.

“I did not have the opportunity to go to school. I only spent three months in school, but that does not mean I am stupid or that I have an inferiority complex. I still know what is right and wrong and I will fight for my language,” he said. He said it also does not mean he is happy with the fact that Afrikaans schools are changing into English only schools. “We have a right to go to school in Afrikaans and we as Afrikaans people have a lot to offer the country if they would give us an opportunity,” September said. He said he would be back on December 15, when he expects an answer or he will go on a hunger strike at the Union Buildings.

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