Young author aims high with power of word

Passionate scribe,  Yolisa Magibile (24), a medical scientist by profession, born and bred in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape, is the new author on the block. She is also an evangelist and a motivational speaker. Magibile recently released a book called “Word Your Worth”. She has a passion and compassion for devising effective ways to help women, young and old. She explained that her interest in writing started when she was still at primary school."I went to Kwa-Komani comprehensive school. I remember walking to school every day and when I would get tired, I would sit under a tree and read a dictionary because all I wanted to do was to increase my vocabulary and improve my English so that I don't have to be embarrassed when I associate with students from multiracial schools in my area,” said Magibile.
"Little did I know that reading would become a habit and eventually imprint my love for writing."  “This book is about the aggressiveness use of the word of God to uncover people’s true values, practical spiritual challenge, an exercise of faith, a  warfare for a woman who wants to silence any word from the enemy," explained Magibile.  She added: "With the use of a powerful weapon being the word, one can declare their victory in prayer, praise or worship. So that you extrude and maximise your Godly potential, be on the cutting edge of influence in your surroundings. Each chapter of this book will help you carry out a judicial sentence against the enemy's deceits and send them right where they belong.” “The challenges for any pioneer are really defined but my biggest challenge was that of not having access to young local writers who have walked this path to guide me and advise me what to do next and how to go about getting a publisher, hence I ended up self-publishing this book. This is just the beginning. The best is still yet to come.”
The book is available at Lifestyle Books in Mimosa Mall and people can order through," she concluded.

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