Zweni's love for radio tops it all

PARYS - All she ever wanted was to become a nurse and make her contribution in growing a healthy nation in her hometown of Tumahole in Parys. But little did she know that her calling was actually to preach health matters through the airwaves of a radio. Today, she is one of the most respected radio presenters in the community radio sector.
Amah Zweni is the current host of a SeSotho magazine show called “Katlung” on Lentswe FM, a slot that she has been riding on since 2009 when the station’s management picked her up from what she was doing before she landed up at the station.
“I was a journalist enjoying every piece of it, especially my relationship with my fellow citizens in Parys and neighbouring towns until I was called in a meeting by the management to tell me that they have seen me grow and it was time that I had my own show,” said Zweni.
According to her, “Katlung” is a show for both young and old,  and for both men and women as it covers topics that are relevant to their daily lives.
“Today, our society is entangled with social challenges like health, divorce and financial mismanagement, so in my show I cover these subjects very in-depth with a view to educate my listeners,” she said.
In order to cut it as a respectable radio presenter, Zweni believes  good research and professionalism can go a long way.
“There is nothing that beats a well prepared show with every subject thoroughly covered to a point that even you, as a presenter, would sound as an expert in the matter at hand,” she added.
With the fast growing platform that comes with new media like social networks, Zweni said radio still tops them all because it can still appeal to the older generation who are still the cornerstones of moral regeneration.
“There is nothing wrong with the new media but let us not leave our grey haired citizens behind because they know it all,” she hints.
Apart from her radio job, which she does part time, Zweni is a grade R educator at Botjhabatsatsi Primary School situated in the centre of Tumahole township, something that she said comes second to her.

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