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SA doctor cracks TIME’s 100 most influential people list

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 21 April 2017  -  607 Views  -  0 Comments
A South African medical doctor, Glenda Gray has been awarded a spot in TIME magazine’s prestigious 100 most influential people list as a pioneer in her field of HIV/AIDS research.Gray is currently the president and CEO of the South African Medical Research Council and is widely acknowledged as one... Read Article

Easter Recipe ( Slow-roast lamb )

Article  -  Posted on Thursday, 13 April 2017  -  385 Views  -  0 Comments
Ingredients a leg of lamb (about 2.3 kg)1 large onion, roughly choppeda few sprigs of fresh roesmary2 cloves of garlic1 Tbs sea salt flakesa pinch of sweet paprika1 Tbs cumin seeds2 Tbs thyme leaves2 Tbs olive oila thick slice of butter MethodPre-heat the oven to 160C and start making the spice rub... Read Article

Parys' youngest motivational speaker scoops award

Article  -  Posted on Thursday, 13 April 2017  -  388 Views  -  0 Comments
Tumahole – Local life-coach, Lehlohonolo Vandisi did both himself and his community proud when he scooped the Community Leader of the Year award on Tuesday. Vandisi received the award from the Executive Mayor of Ngwathe Local Municipality, Cllr. Joey Mochela. Vandisi is a young motivational speaker... Read Article
Meet the entrepreneurs and their labels in the Treasure Chest Collective:

The Treasure Chest Road Show continues to inspire with its visit to Bloemfontein

Article  -  Posted on Monday, 13 March 2017  -  1,109 View  -  0 Comments
A Joint Action Group from the Western Cape, consisting of 13 Black Owned Brands and 1 BEE Company in the Wine Industry take their unique quality wines to the people of Bloemfontein. [07 March 2017] Following the resounding success of the launch of the Treasure Chest Wines in both KwaZulu-Natal,... Read Article

Healthiest foods on the Planet

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 03 February 2017  -  463 Views  -  0 Comments
Healthy Food #1: LemonsWhy They're Healthy:— Just one lemon has more than 100 percent of your daily intake of vitamin C, which may help increase "good" HDL cholesterol levels and strengthen bones.— Citrus flavonoids found in lemons may help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and act as an anti-... Read Article

Matefo discusses mentorship and entrepreneurship

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 27 January 2017  -  683 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN - “Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Take your time in finding exactly what you are passionate about and in time, you will succeed.”These are the words of a lady of many talents, Matefo Morakeng. The author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio talk show host,... Read Article

Entrepreneurs unite in Thab Nchu

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 06 January 2017  -  443 Views  -  0 Comments
Thaba Nchu - three young trailblazers have taken it upon themselves to ensure that entrepreneurship in their hometown grows in leaps and bounds. Charmaine Mrwebi, Kamogelo Seekoei and Keabetswe Ngakatsi have organized the first ever Thaba Nchu Business Network which will be held on 27 January.... Read Article

Highlighting sophisticated leadership

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 09 December 2016  -  665 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN – The media landscape in Free State continues to improve following the successful launch of Suave Leader, the third magazine in the province. According to Kamogelo Seekoei, the founder of Kanna Media, publishers of Suave Leader, the name denotes sophistication. “When I was in grade... Read Article

Operation Hlasela to bring Christmas cheer

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 09 December 2016  -  448 Views  -  0 Comments
WEPENER – Despite the festive mood and most of South Africans wanting to go on holidays, the Free State Premier Ace Magashule, together with members of his executive will embark on a three-town Operation Hlasela next week. Magashule, fresh from a trip in China, will also visit various poor... Read Article

Wayde gets gift from offenders

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 18 November 2016  -  401 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN - The Department of Correctional Services last week handed over a painting of Wayde van Niekerk to the reigning Olympic 400m champion and world record holder, in recognition of his incredible exploits at the Rio Games. The handover of the plaque, which was painted by the offenders from... Read Article

Visually impaired still defy the odds

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 18 November 2016  -  429 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN – Forty-nine-year blind vagrant, Jeremiah Staat, is a common site at the northern entrance to Bloem Plaza. Many residents of Bloemfontein pass him by without giving so much as a hoot as to how the man actually ended up in this situation, where he has to rely on the generous for his... Read Article
gogo Sesenyana Lizzy Moeng with Carol Mokobe from the Office of the Premier and her son Obotseng Moeng. PHOTO dumelangmedia

To get to 101 years, don't drink booze

Article  -  Posted on Monday, 14 November 2016  -  427 Views  -  0 Comments
Bloemfontein - in the 101 years she has lived, gogo Sesenyana Lizzy Moeng has never had a taste of liquor touch her lips. The beautiful mother of 10 children, 16 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and eight great great grandchildren was born on 13 July 1915. Born in the Bishop Glen district in... Read Article

Bold Moves 198 bring jazzy feel to Cherry Fest

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FICKSBURG – Established  in 2007,  a company known as Bold Moves 198 has gone on to become a household name almost synonymous with the Cherry Festival. Founded and owned by two female entrepreneurs, Seipati Lebusa Mbiwe and Seithati Monyaki, the company specialises in services such as project... Read Article

Mo takes photography to next level

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BLOEMFONTEIN - At only 23 years old, Monica Matli, otherwise known as Mo, is making her mark in the visual art of photography. Born in Carltonville, she moved quite frequently as a child but is now based in Bloemfontein. Mo is currently doing her third year in photography at the Central University... Read Article

Mayor Tshabalala's meteoric rise

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 04 November 2016  -  642 Views  -  0 Comments
Maluti-A-Phofung (MAP) Executive Mayor, Vusimusi Tshabalala is a man with a vision of a progressive and developed municipality. He aims to prioritize agriculture,  supporting of SMMEs, sports, tourism, service delivery and public safety, transport and security to entice and consolidate investment... Read Article

MAP choir shoots gospel video

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 04 November 2016  -  414 Views  -  0 Comments
QWAQWA - A choral group from Maluti-A_Phofung (MAP), which was formed last year under the guidance of Mayor Vusimusi Tshabalala, has just completed shooting a video for one of their songs. The group’s gospel choir master of MAP choral, Marco Sithole, said he could not believe the miracle God has... Read Article

Flower Festival to brighten Parys

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 04 November 2016  -  946 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN - The inaugural Flower Festival, the first of its kind to be held in South Africa, is set to dazzle the resort town of Parys with a bouquet of colour and enchanting scents. People are expected to flock from every corner of the country to descend on the Free State province for an... Read Article

Rose Festival blooms into life

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 14 October 2016  -  434 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN - The three-day Mangaung Rose Festival which officially blossoms into life today in the City of Roses promises an out-of-the-ordinary experience for the whole family. The festival, which was started as a way to market Bloemfontein to the world, will run from the October 14th to October... Read Article

Coming together through art and craft

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 14 October 2016  -  591 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN - Macufe is one of the biggest festivals in the land and it has endless opportunities for young entrepreneurs and artists to showcase their talent. Macufe Arts and Crafts is hosted under a single massive marquee with stalls for every registered business to showcase their works and runs... Read Article

Literary club hosts storytelling picnic for kids

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 07 October 2016  -  473 Views  -  0 Comments
BLOEMFONTEIN - The Military Museum on Oliver Tambo Street was turned into a colourful park to accommodate the second annual Mokete Storytelling Picnic by Charmza Literary Club. The event, meant to entertain little ones between the ages of four to 12 years, ran from Tuesday 4 October to Thursday 6... Read Article