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Hot drinks to keep you warm this winter...

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 13 June 2014  -  3,696 Views  -  0 Comments
Enjoy winter than with cosying up with a nice, hot cup of something delicious? Here is a list of tasty and healthy hot drinks that could improve your skin, control your hunger, or alleviate your anxiety. Hot cinnamon spiceRemember those Fireball hot candies from your childhood? This black tea is a... Read Article

9 Microwave Tricks That Make Your Food Amazing

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 06 June 2014  -  1,154 View  -  0 Comments
Tired of eating rubber sole? Try these secret nuking tricks... Microwaves get a bad rap for making everything taste like cardboard, zapping all nutrition from your food, and emitting dangerous energy waves, but let’s be fair. “Any preparation or cooking of food can decrease the level of nutrients,... Read Article

Google surpasses Apple as world’s most valuable brand

Article  -  Posted on Monday, 26 May 2014  -  1,073 View  -  0 Comments
After 3 years dominating the #1 spot in BrandZ’s “Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands” rankings, the king has just been dethroned. According to their 2014 rankings, Google is now the top dog after growing a whopping 40% from last year and carrying a brand value of $159 billion. Apple? Well, they’re... Read Article

Vodacom gives free 1GB to all clients

Article  -  Posted on Saturday, 10 May 2014  -  1,117 View  -  0 Comments
Mobile operator Vodacom is giving 1GB of free data to all of its 33m-plus customers in South Africa. The only catch is that if they want it, they have to use it this Sunday, the day it is made available. The mobile operator, which is keen to drive up the number of people using data services on its... Read Article

Google launches SA elections hub

Article  -  Posted on Thursday, 17 April 2014  -  1,139 View  -  0 Comments
Google has launched an online South African Elections Hub as the country gears up to go to the polls. Google has launched an online South African Elections Hub as the country gears up to go to the polls in three weeks’ time. The Internet giant describes the hub as an online portal where voters,... Read Article

6 Ways to Make Getting Up Early Work for You

Article  -  Posted on Monday, 14 April 2014  -  51,061 Views  -  0 Comments
To accomplish a big goal, such as launching a new business, writing a novel or starting an exercise regime, productivity experts will often suggest getting up early. You can get a lot done in a quiet house with no distractions or interruptions. While this is sound advice, it’s easier said than done... Read Article

Nokia 3310 gets 41-megapixel, Windows phone makeover

Article  -  Posted on Monday, 14 April 2014  -  2,978 Views  -  0 Comments
Heritage, much-loved and foolproof handset brought back from the ashes with powerful PureView imaging capabilities. Initially released in the year 2000, the Nokia 3310 went on to be one of the most successful mobile phones ever. More than 125 million were sold and, thanks to a small group of Nokia... Read Article

Orange talks up SA Wi-Fi plans

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 04 April 2014  -  697 Views  -  0 Comments
French telecommunications giant Orange, which has said previously that it is interested in playing more aggressively in South Africa’s telecoms industry, has announced plans to launch a Wi-Fi network in the country through its Orange Horizons subsidiary.In a statement, the company says it will... Read Article

Wingman condom set to fly

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 07 March 2014  -  2,881 Views  -  0 Comments
THE Wingman, a new condom from the Netherlands, has won the iF Gold Award 2014. A prize which is considered the highest international distinction, “the Oscar for product design.” Newcomer Wingman now joins a line of renowned winners such as Apple, Nokia, Philips and Porsche. It’s the first time a... Read Article

Lavish wedding for Mugabe’s daughter

Article  -  Posted on Tuesday, 04 March 2014  -  6,201 Views  -  0 Comments
Zimbabwe’s first family’s wedding date on Saturday was a lavish extravaganza in the grounds of President Robert Mugabe’s home, one of the largest houses in sub- Saharan Africa. In an elaborate and well stage-managed wedding, daughter Bona Mugabe, in a sparkling white gown, was married in a huge... Read Article

Mobile call costs cut in half

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 31 January 2014  -  1,887 View  -  0 Comments
After months of consultations with the telecommunications industry, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) has announced that mobile termination rates will be halved as of March this year. Speaking to journalists from the regulator’s head office in Sandton on Wednesday, Nomvuyiso... Read Article

Most anticipated smartphones of 2014

Article  -  Posted on Monday, 27 January 2014  -  8,883 Views  -  0 Comments
HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia, Huawei. The world’s big smartphone makers are all expected to unveil new flagship devices in 2014, many of them in the next few months. But what can consumers look forward to?   HTC One (2014 model) The follow-up to the HTC One, code named M8, is expected to go... Read Article

Healthy lunch ideas to help you Go Green

Article  -  Posted on Sunday, 19 January 2014  -  1,201 View  -  0 Comments
There are unlimited ideas for eco-friendly and healthy lunches. Here are some easy tips for what you can pack. School lunches can create a huge amount of packaging waste. You are likely familiar with low-waste lunches and the idea that to go green, the majority of what you send to school should be... Read Article

Seven Habits That Make You Fat

Article  -  Posted on Friday, 10 January 2014  -  4,148 Views  -  0 Comments
According to recent research, the average person makes 200 decisions every day that will influence his or her weight. And most of these decisions aren't monumental choices, like "Should I become an elite marathon runner?" or "Should I move to Wisconsin and live entirely on bratwurst and cheese... Read Article