No more “hell” for Bloem’s needy man

The house of a Bloemfontein man has been a hive of activity in the past few days with contractors erecting a ramp for his wheelchair to be able to move in and out with ease while others converted his bedroom into an ensuit by fitting in a flush toilet. This came after fifty-seven year-old Johannes Sebotsa went public with how he lived a hellish life.
Sebotsa is wheelchair bound after suffering a stroke and is living alone in Freedom Square in a tight two-roomed house that is so confining to appoint that he can’t even get his mobile outside to get some fresh air, unless someone passing by assists him. To make matters worse, Sebotsa was using a bucket to relieve himself next to his bed in the tiny room where he sleeps. But all of this came to an end when the staff at Dumelang Media, a Free State media company with head offices in Bloemfontein, offered to assist in changing the situation.
According to the company’s management, they invited service providers to provide the reconstruction and renovations at Sebotsa’s house at the company’s cost.
“This is one of our social responsibility programmes that we usually run every year over the past few years that we have been in operation. In the past, we have visited orphanages and sponsored school uniforms to the needy, hence we saw a need to also come in handy to assist the man in his plight,” said Heinie van Vrede speaking on behalf of Dumelang management.
The work at Sebotsa’s house took the Dumelang Media team and service providers  three days to complete, much to the joy of the beneficiary who could not hold back his excitement.
“I’ve been in this situation for the past four years without anyone pledging their support, now all my frustrations are a thing of the past and I want to thank the people from Dumelang Media who did no doubt change a situation that was very frustrating and sad. I think now I will have peace of mind and a reason to stay in my house all the time,” said the jubilant man with tears rolling down his face.
The neighbours who witnessed the change in Sebotsa’s life described the gesture as a god-send. “At times, one would wonder how we could assist him but no one ever offered to do what you guys have done and this will go a long way in instilling a sense of Ubuntu amongst residents of Mangaung,” said one of the neighbours.
Now Ntate Sebotsa will be coming down his ramp comfortably and safely, and the dignity of having proper ablution facilities that is easily accessible and sanitary.

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